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Entry #1


2009-05-11 18:27:44 by DeadRomance

What's up people? I'm new here, so if I accidentally run my mouth and start trolling, I'm sorry.


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2009-05-11 18:45:02

yea, you need some training in the way of NG. i will take you under my wing if you PM me saying along the lines that you would like my help, i can protect you, give you info on any thing, and give you a great experience on NG.


2009-05-11 19:03:15

ignore him, he's only level 8. If you need advice or help talk to someone who's at least a level 20-they've been on the site long enough to help with any and all questions you might come up with.
oh and welcome to NG.


2010-06-21 09:58:10

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2011-06-17 02:14:17

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